Arduino UNO + LoRa GPS Shield tracker end device project

i have a problem getting my end device data to be sent frequently by it self to the TTN server , the end device send the data only one time after its turend on or after lunching the serial monitor and stop sending after that …
so this is my hardware …

67727573_2096139644021914_1710984670008573952_n End%20device

am using dragino gateway LG01-N 915MHz and for the end device am using dragino lora GPS shield 915MHz + arduino uno .

and this is the arduino sketch using

and this is the current gateway sitting am working with


any thoughts ??

here is some info

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am very glad for your help … but unfortunately i have searched these posts and didn’t find what i want

I have also the same error!

Appreciate that the Dragino Gateway described at the start of this thread and the program code they provide for one of thier shields are not compliant with the requirements ofor the TTN network.

So the users of this TTN forum probably have no experiences with that setup, so difficult to assist.

May i have the library?

If its a ‘library’ for the Dragino, then TTN would not be expected to hold a copy.

Pop across to Dragino support and ask them.