AS923 AS1 config for Mikrotik - enable FSK?

The firmware 6.48 has a configuration for AS923 but it is AS923 AS2 (determined from comparing the frequencies).

I have come up with this config for AS923 AS1, but I have a question about the FSK channel – should i enable it? It’s the set 9 line in the terminal config commands below, which I reproduce here in the hope that it might help someone else in the future…assuming it’s correct.

set 0 channel-plan=custom
/lora channels
set 0 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=200000 radio=radio0
set 1 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=400000 radio=radio0
set 2 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=200000 radio=radio1
set 3 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=400000 radio=radio1
set 4 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=-400000 radio=radio0
set 5 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=-200000 radio=radio0
set 6 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=0 radio=radio0
set 7 bandwidth=125_kHz disabled=no freq-off=0 radio=radio1
set 8 bandwidth=250_kHz disabled=no freq-off=100000 radio=radio1 spread-factor=SF7
set 9 bandwidth=125_kHz datarate=50000 disabled=no freq-off=-200000 radio=radio1
/lora radios
set 0 center-freq=923000000 disabled=no rssi-off=-166 tx-enabled=yes tx-freq-max=923400000 tx-freq-min=920000000
set 1 center-freq=922000000 disabled=no rssi-off=-166 tx-enabled=no tx-freq-max=0 tx-freq-min=0`

A good question even for the EU868 band plan.
Accidently i set a node with a downlink command on DR7 and it got stuck on this datarate even with activated ADR.

Probably you should try to restate in the form needed by your gateway’s less standard software. (The possibly unique changes would be that some architectures need to take the clock from one radio, and some from the other, and of course the RSSI/power offsets may be different)

And yes, that has “FSK 50kbps, 921.8 MHz” as one of its entries

Little reason not to enable this in the gateway (though would be interesting to see if there is any change in power consumption?) - actually using it would be more up to the nodes and network server.