AT Command list for Downlink to the node (LSN50)


Does anybody has an list of all downlink commands send to the node because guides talk about AT command but never gives the corresponding hexa code of the AT command !
eg : wakeup command…
Thank you in advance

What about or manual chapter 2.5?


Hello community,

because I lost the sticker with the IDs of my LSN50v2 I try to find out the IDs via Console with AT-Commands.

Unfortunatly I am not able to get a communication, all commands are replied with criptic signs, see foto.

  • It happens the same on 2 different computers.

  • It happens the same with different console-progrmas (putty, serial port utility)

  • It happens the same with 2 different usb-rs232-adaptors

  • One of the computers is an older model with physical rs232-Interface: the same result

Interface: 9600, 8, none, 1, none (same settings in the program and the system-settings of PC).

I’m sure, it is just a checkbox or so, but I can’t figure it out.
Please help!!!

Kind regards,


What does the Dragino documentation say that the baud rate should be - 9600 is very slow for computers these days.

Just try an other Baudrate until you can read the messages.

All the DRGNO units I have used or tested (LHT65, LDD75, LT33222 etc.) have all been 9600, looks like OP’s settings correct, but may be worth trying others in case of updates/new firmware settings supporting higher speeds etc. 1 Stop bit correct from what I can recall.

I’ve been informed, that it’s essential to use a USB-TTL-Converter (and nothing else like USB-RS232 or USB-RS485 or RS232 directly (“COM1”). Because I don’t own such an converter, I 've ordered one witch will arrive early next week. Then I will see if that helps and reply to you guys with results.
So far, thank you for your replys.

Ouch, you’ve been using (potentially) -12v and +12v (these days usually +/- 5V) on a device that is expecting tops 3.3v. You might have damaged the input side of the uart port.

Dear all,
the USB-TTL-Converter has arrived and it worked immediatly. Therefore I can point out, it is essential to use exactly the right converter (search for “CP2102”) and not “just a converter” found in the tinkerbox.
Thanks to all,