At TTN console, sometimes payload are missing from uplink message

Sometime when i start to look my application at ttn console, it shows that there are some uplink messages and these messages are sucessfully forward. But it did’t show the vaild payload as below:

Meanwhile, i use a mqtt script to monitor the data flow from this application. The data seems fine as the following fotos:

The time window is from 14:04 to 15:33, it lasts about 90 minutes. Has anyone has same or similar problem and know why?

The console shows as much data as is cached at the LNS and stuff drops out as the cache fills up - it’s just for convenience.

Either leave the console open (load on the main servers, so pref. not)

Or use the integration as that’s what it’s for.

Another, different, reason is that sometimes LoRaWAN connection housekeeping messages are exchanged, these have a port value of 0. On the MQTT stream they can appear with empty payloads. So, on the application side you probably need some code to ignore these.