AU915 TTIG - Cannot select AU915 Frequency Plan


I have successfully provisioned and claimed an AU915 TTIG.

However, when Claiming the device on TTN and setting the Frequency Plan, the AU915 plan was not available. I had no choice but to select the US 902 plan FSB1, though this is clearly not satisfactory.

please can someone help me set the TTIG to the AU915 Frequency Plan?

Note, I am based in Ireland but need to the AU915 TTIG for a software development project.

…and of course you are ensuring it is used inside a faraday cage or some other way of mitigating any external leakage of what would then be illegal use of the airwaves in your jurisdiction :wink: , right?! :slight_smile:

Which cluster have you claimed the TTIG under?

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your concern but I work for a company that develops commercial RF sensors (including LoRa) and am aware of the different frequency plans in different jurisdictions.

I have a single AU915 gateway which I need to connect a couple of prototype RF sensors to.

I am not too familiar with the TTN ecosystem - If by cluster, you are referring changing the TTN community via the “cluster picker”, this gateway was registered under the cluster and the “Gateway server address” is “”.

However, I am still only getting the EU868, EU433 and US902 plans available to me.

Any ideas please?


erm, scroll down on the selection - I know AU plans are below US FSB3 :wink:


Good, always feel duty bound to call this out as lots on the community forum dont realise implications and potential for handcuffs! :wink:

BTW curious which co as used to call on a lot of LoRa/LoRaWAN interested parties in the Shannon, Ennis, Limerick area so always interested to see if early evangelism paid off! :wink: (Drop me a DM/PM vs open Forum site post)

Thanks Jeff, I didnt scroll down far enough. Feel like a total moron now :slight_smile:

Cant mention my employer, but I am based in the West of Ireland :wink: