Auto generate DevEUI and AppEUI in TheThingsStack v3

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I’ve noticed that there’s no option for auto generate AppEUI and DevEUI in thethingsstack v3 anymore (as compared to TTN):

To be honest, I don’t have so much glue so I needed to google a bit to find related threads:

Custom RF95 hope solution: HopeRF RFM95 and arduino a low cost LoRaWan solution - - the IoT – the IoT blog

What is the recommended procedure for adding a custom-built LoRa device using OTAA to v3?

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EDIT: I’ve digged a bit further:

One solution could be buying cheap ICs from e.g. farnell with a EUI-64 identifier from what I understood:

That is certainly the best solution if you only need small amounts of EUIs.

However if you searched this forum a bit you should have found this question popped up a few weeks ago and the pragmatic solution for now is to use V2 to generate EUIs and use them on V3.

@kersing the v2 generated EUI came up to my mind as well somewhen yesterday after posting this question. I did some forum search but couldn’t find it. Sorry for the spam.


A simple search for DevEUI would have shown the following in top of the results:

@bluejedi alrighty, sorry! Shall we lock or delete my thread?

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