Autorun PAcket Forwarder when booting Raspi

I managed to get a Waveshare sx1302 Hat running as a LoRaWAN gateway on a Raspi.
My problem now is that the packet forwarder always has to be started manually. I would like to automate this by booting the Raspi. Unfortunately I can’t find the right documentation that describes this.
Can anyone of you help here?

That would depend on your pi’s Linux install.

Most recent debian/raspbian type ones would probably need a systemd service.

Here’s an example of the service - notice it’s running a script that toggles the reset, not directly starting the packet forwarder

as root create /lib/systemd/system/ttn-gateway.service

Description=The Things Network Gateway



And then you need to activate it

sudo systemctl enable ttn-gateway.service
sudo systemctl restart ttn-gateway.service

Hi cslorabox,
Your advice has helped
Thanks for the quick help