Availability of V3 compatible TTIG

Are the V3 compatible TTIGs already available in the market ,if not any idea when they will be available ?

Existing units are/will be V3 compatible - the issue is the BasicStation CUPS server and associated glue to (currently) V2. This needs to be replicated into V3 environment where I understand it should be handled ‘native’ - just need the CUPS server… hope to hear more in a couple of weeks or so as have some waiting to migrate myself :wink:

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Yep, I have the nodes in our city moved, and most of our gateways updated for V3, but our TTIG are still stuck on V2 (and because a few of our older devices out in the field are ABP and using old device addr the packets don’t get forwarded). Ideally TTI need to get this sorted because then I can nail it on the head and put this to bed and not have to think about it anymore.

Get which bit sorted?

I know a good way of getting it speeded up - become a paying customer!


When we bought the TTIG gateways did we not get promised “Can connect to any network backend of choice.”? It even says it in the product information - https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/thethingsindoor/index.html. It turns out we indeed cannot join it to any network backend of choice. Also your idea about paying for it is interesting, as we have already paid for the gateways and where promised network portability, unfortunately it is stuck on TTN V2 due to the feature not being fully implemented. Our TTN activities are purely based around citizen science and growing community use, so paying for it isn’t really an option, however if we did have some budget to pay for it, and the product provided the portability promised, we’d probably point our gateways at AWS Core IoT or run our own ChirpStack instance out of principle due to the fact we were sold a product that doesn’t meet the specification we were promised at the time of buying it.


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Connecting TTIG to The Things Network V3