AVR128DB28 PCB with RFM95

I made a PCB for the STM32 about 4 years ago: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/labs/story/a-cheap-stm32-arduino-node, but because these boards are hard to get nowadays I recently designed a PCB with the AVR128DB28. These are inexpensive (about 2€) and have a modern architecture, compatible with the ATtiny3216 and ATtiny1614, but with 128 kBytes flash.


My design is an SMD design (large 1206 but easy to change to 0805) because I have recently overcome my fear of hand soldering these components, but the AVR128DB28 is also available in a through hole DIP version: Dynamic Product Page | Microchip Technology

I will create the fist PCBs soon (see https://aisler.net/p/EAZHDDHF), but I am interested in any feedback.

See GitHub - tomtor/STM32-RFM95-PCB: STM32 and AVR128 Printed Circuit Board for creating IOT nodes with th


0805 version: https://aisler.net/p/ZRKAROVP