AWS IoT Integration Device Registry Not Synchronising

Our AWS IoT Integration completes successfully but the device registry between the TTN and AWS IoT is not synchronizing.

I have a private LoRaWAN network which sits under an Enterprise AWS Stack. I have deployed a stack within my AWS account with our network’s cluster address and API. I used the Cloud template from the deployment guides and the stack was successfully deployed with status of CREATE_COMPLETE however none of the devices from my Things Network application are syncing to the AWS IoT things device registry.

Should there be a reason for devices not syncing?

The devices are sending new data so an uplink message is being sent which I can see on TTN’s application portal.

The device registry is a convenience function that pulls the settings for a device that is not specific to any deployment when you set up a device - it’s even used by ChirpStack & Helium now!

It is NOT a migration tool and there is no automated transfer between one instance or another. There is a migration tool & instructions in the docs that will help you with this, including moving the session over, although that has some complications with where your gateways are registered - again details in the docs.

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