AWS IoT integration: no devices visible

I’ve followed the TTN AWS IoT Quickstart Guide and, up to that point, things look like expected: the EB2 instance is created and under Types I can see lorawan.

However, in the next step of the guide, it says the devices I registered for this application in the TTN Console should be listed in AWS IoT. Unfortunately, I cannot see anything. No devices, no device data.

In fact, that’s where the guide and reality differ: While at the time of writing the tutorial, step 2 apparently was “In Services under Internet Of Things, go to AWS IoT”, that section is now called “IoT Core” or “IoT Device Management”. I’m therefore wondering if also the expected default behaviour has changed.

Any cloud gurus here to help, please? At this stage, I don’t even know where to begin troubleshooting. I’d love to confirm my application ID in AWS IoT, but that’s not shown anywhere I’ve looked so far.

Issue resolved. Having exceeded my maximum number of EC2 instances, AWS IoT just silently decided not to work, with no meaningful error message. Increased the limit, restarted the job. Done.

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