AWS: TTN Enterprise - Deployed but not working

Hi, i’m stuck with the following: From AWS marketplace i’m subscribed for The Things Enterprise Stack for LoRaWAN and from there i can launch predefined Cloudformation template. Now what really bothers me is that even the cloudformation stack is deployed with success the TTN platform is not accessible /neither their post install docs/. No error is shown so there’s no way for me to degug this deployment and potentially fix it. Do you know what can cause this behaviour and if there’s potential way of fixing it. Paying subscription and resources for something that fails to work is really a mess.

ps: i know you might need more data to diagnose this but no error logs are available, all looks healthy but it’s not

Thank you in advance.

What exactly is not working? I currently integrate TTN with AWS via HTTP service exposed through AWS. It works fine.

I’m using the Stack template for TTN Enterprise that comes after subscribing in aws market. Filling the form for deploying the stack is pretty easy and the whole deployment process is shown as succesffully deployed / in cloud formation / BUT when the deployment is completed with status SUCCESS i can’t access the output of the stack where the post install docs are defined. I took one step further and i’ve set route 53 a record for the predefined domain for the instance and yet i can’t access it.