Azure integration with TTI

We are moving from TTN to TTI and plan to use the Azure webhooks integration.
The below example describes how to create an Azure function which then is used as a webhooks endpoint.

Clearly this is a demo Azure function which simply writes log messages. Just wondering how have others implemented this in real life scenario, for instance do you modify the function to post the messages into an Azure IoT Hub or Event Hub or directly write to a database / storage?

Any architectural guidance much appreciated,


There was an excellent session on connecting to azure IoT hubs during the last TTN conference, check Integrate The Things Stack with Microsoft Azure IoT - Benjamin Cabé (Microsoft) - YouTube

There is also information on connecting to Azure IoT central, from last years conference at You will need to modify the code a bit as the new http integration has different message format but that is fairly trivial. (Or ping me if you decide on this solution, I’ll share the few lines of code to you need to modify)

Make sure to investigate what the Azure options offer you. Does it match your requirements? (Historic data, query options for data discovery, what do you need?)

Thanks @kersing this is very helpful.

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