Azure IoT Hub / Azure IoT Central Integration

Hi all,

As a part of another project I’m working on I have a built a TTN to Azure IoT Hub/Azure IoT Central integration.

It uses a couple of Azure functions, an HTTPTrigger function which receives uplink messages from TTN and inserts them into an Azure Storage queue (for scale and resilience). Then a QueueTrigger function which processes the messages, registers devices, and sends telemetry events to Azure.

The QueueTrigger function uses the Azure Device Provisioning service(DPS) so TTN devices are “automagically” provisioned in Azure IoT Central or your Azure IoT Hub (can be hubs for load balancing)

I’m working on support for TTN application ID specific DPS IDScope and GroupEnrollment key configurations.

Sensitive information like DPS IDscope, GroupEnrollment keys etc. can be stored in an Azure Key Vault for improved security.

I log lots of info to Azure Application Insights for “inflight monitoring” of what the solution upto.

This is an AzureIoTCentral dashboard graphing data from a number of Seeeduino LoRaWAN devices around my house which are connect via TTN gateway running at the other end of my desk.


The V1 software is running in Azure West Europe so if anyone is interested in giving it a go DM or email.


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