Basic Example TTN

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Hi, I got this very cool board that has a STM32L0 attached to a semtech 1276 in a single package.

first time for me to play with MCU other than Atmel(arduino IDE), so the learning curve is a bit steep. I got myself a ST-Link, installed Atollic IDE.

all the example on the semtech LoraNode github depends on specific hardware platforms(Mote, Motell…)… it gets confusing and not sure where to start just to send a simple hello world to TTN. I’d like a simple example like they use in the LMIC library… I’ll learn later how to get sensors data.

Any one has suggestion where to start ? --I already have a gateway(lopy) that can’t wait to receive it’s first data !!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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so sorry, I forgot to post the board link.

I used the github semtech src\apps\LoRaMac\classA\SensorNode
and used fake values for sensors instead of real functions getting sensors data… like so;

pressure = 10; // in hPa / 10
temperature = 12; // in °C * 100
altitudeBar = 44; // in m * 10
batteryLevel = 33; // 1 (very low) to 254 (fully charged)
//GpsGetLatestGpsPositionBinary( &latitude, &longitude );
altitudeGps = 12;

but I a building the project I get tons of errors…
I not yet to upload the code… just trying to remove all the extra stuff that complexify it… to start somewhere and understand more clearly what’s happening with the code…

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the chip is even listed on TTN web site;;

(Madhuvarsha) #5

AcSIP so have AT command sets for configuring the Node .But do not have real uses cases available online. it seems, they are working in private with big customers (who buy large number of chips or node from AcSIP)

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@madhuvarsha, yes you are right !

But I’m now a distributor for their product for North America.
I’m able to supply bare chips, dev boards and help with creating a full solution
( once NDA agreement is signed… :slight_smile: )

the chip is very interesting since it has everything included in one 1mm x 1mm SOC

they also have a new model with GPS included… very low power, c code example in Keil environment (witch is free to use for a STM32F0 ! ) our course for a hobbyist it’s not really recommend… will have to deal with impedance traces and antenna placement, power, since it’s a chip only offering… not a stamp module like RFM or other solution so it`s mostly targeted at large customer or project based rather than hobby.

(Danby) #7

It’s a fairly simple port from the semtech examples if you’re using an STM32 part. Just copy on of the board folders and modify the pinout


can you clarify that, they are talking about an AcSIP chip for which you have to sign an NDA.

(Danby) #13

I’m not intimately familiar with this part, but I just went through the same basic process with the module that I’m trying to bring up. The block diagram indicates it has an L073 and an SX1276 in it. Semtech provides support for that combination of devices, so I (perhaps naively) assumed the pinout will need to be modified but other than that I would think it should work.

(Gmlt) #14

yea code looks a lot like the original. except a few readily things that help starting quickly with the exact stm32F0 sub model. DIO, I2C, sleeps are all in the example but most other part will be removed ( MOTE sensors things, witch can be complex if only trying to start with the basics…) I’d love to make a few specific dev boards/kits for that chip to get a broader audience but time is missing.

(Madhuvarsha) #15

In “my view” and Winkie always emphasize on Network effect, where opening the things will motivate users to start may be as hobbyist and evolve to entrepreneur (u never know).
Although it is personal choice of the company to be open or be secretive. But current LoRAWAN IoT industry can succeed only by collaborative efforts .

it is AcSIP choice, do they want to be mass product or niche …technology is moving so fast man.

(Gmlt) #16

I think, niche will bring specific customers, less of them but most probably with higher volume and less ‘management’ to each ones. rather get two large ones than thousands that buy 5 units and need 10 hours support each.

having to take care of a forum community, offering really detailed code, clear application notes written to make the hobbyist understand each details is time consuming, costly and does not always payback. IMO.

Results is that I’m happy I can now offer a solid product (and add a local value, maybe cross sells) that is not found on amazon/aliexpress/ebay/Avnet/Digikey… got a make a living :slight_smile:

for example as an added value of someone looking for a chip/dev module, I’ve built a dev kit server/gateway to test lorawan in a mobile fashion, it get’s 4G-verizon, rogers, bell, tellus ready(PTCRB certified)/WiFi/LoraWan SX1301, 4x Intel LAN, IP67 compliant(once closed, ha!), on wheels. carry-on size… no Rpi here!!


a bit off topic… but what screen is that ( I guess a hdmi/touch 10.1 inch) cause I want to build a suitcase like that :wink:

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it’s an industrial custom made panel frame, 18,5’’ Full HD 1920x1080, wide view angle 350nits (1500nits available ) HDMI, VGA, DVI, (( only HDMI is front accessible in this specific case )) and a wide power input 9~36volts DC sealed connector. this one has no touch, it has a anti reflect 4mm tempered glass… really sturdy. but I’m able to make it with either resistive or capacitive touch via USB/RS232 if needed no problem.

the 18,5’’ was the biggest size possible in the carry on model. I also do smaller sizes with less options… all configurable on needs, and the beauty of it, … I can make one unit production. no need for a thousand unit. :slight_smile:

I’m into industrial embedded PC, for food industry and HMI mostly… but I always wanted to make suitcase like this myself… so here is my first one ! many details will be adjusted in the next version but I think it’s a good start. Been selling a lot of custom made stainless panel so it’s not very hard to just make a custom front panel that matches the selected luggage. I have a model for each Nanuk that has mounting holes in the top cover.

we do drawing to match perfectly the mounting screws and round corners of the case…
here is a close up picture;




looks great !

should have buy that case yesterday grrrrrrrr

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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carefull here… looks like the aliexpress model will not have mounting hole on top cover…


tnx (I have a gluegun :wink:)

(Madhuvarsha) #23

Are u selling it as a product?

(Gmlt) #24

yes, I sure do ! PM me for more details.