Basic question on Browan TBOL100 Object Locator

Sorry for this hopefully basic question but I haven’t found an answer despite a lot of searching. I’m trying to set up a Browan TBOL100 Object Locator but can’t seem to find the right way to enter keys required for TTN registration. The end device has a QR code sticker with four lines of text. The first two are 16-digit codes (E8E1E10…). The third looks like a model number code with a colon and an 8-digit code. The fourth line is just the model number. No explanation in the manual. If someone has already set one up, please help with an explanation of where these fit into:
AppEUI, DevEUI or AppKey.


+1 I have the same question.

The QR code on the browan tabs sensor contains the AppEUI (JoinEUI) and DevEUI, ma where I can find the AppKey?
If I random generate a AppKey code, then I got a “MIC MISMATCH” error during Join Request.

Thank to anybody who can help us

Your vendor should provide the tripple (DevEUI, AppEUI, AppKey) to you as those are programmed into the device.

Thank you kersing,

your hint was useful, I found an old email from vendor with all App Keys.
It’s working.

If you didn’t receive additional information with the AppKey (which is not in the QR code), you won’t be able to add the devices to TTN and get them to work. The QR code has only the two ‘public’ information elements.
(Public because those are transmitted unencrypted and can be received in cleartext by anyone near the device)