Beer fermentation bubble counter: Heltec ESP32 Node-Red Thingsboard

(Trononimon) #1

Finally I got it to work! So great. Since i do not have internet access in the cellar and I wanted to count the bubbles created by my fermenting beer in order to know when its finished, I thought why not use the Things Network.
The setup is an heltec node with lmic sending to ttn. from there an http integration to my raspberry with node-red and from there an mqtt request to the Thingsboard running on the same device.

Really great stuff…
Here the prototype Sensor on the air-lock of the fermenter

and the dashboard in TB
The beer just started to produce carbon dioxid!!!

(Kylix) #2

What kind of sensor did you use?

(Trononimon) #3

For measuring the temperature I used a
and in order to count the bubbles the following