Best air quality sensor to connect to TTN?

Do you have a url of your company?

Hey Wojtek,
is your air quality sensor already available ?
Regards Martin

Yes, we are on the second production batch with small quantities. We also just about tun first production batch of Green House units with CO2 and light sensors. Please contact me directly over email for details



German :-), but they talk english too.


edit: Ups. Not connected to TTN yet. :-/

Hi Wojciech,
I visited your company website and it says second batch is coming soon. I’ve subscribed for updates but wondering if you have any you can provide here? I would contact you via email but I don’t know where to find it.

I am keen to bring in air quality sensors to my company and start using them commercially.

Hi we build an air quality concept for buildings named smartconcierge and measure movement,light,co2,temp and humidity in one sensor incl. dashboard to display. now working on predicitive maintenance. If you need more info just let me know.

maybe you can tell us more here on the forum, is it a commercial product. for example, pictures ect.

carefull… your product name SmartConcierge is in use

not correct!
see: github-1 , github-2

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It contains an elsys sensor and designed dashboard as simple as that.

how going this project?

We want to build some station in our city. Have I joint to this project?
Thank You in advance.

unbelievable, the world population is being killed by air pollution and noone makes lora air quality sensors

I developed a node with an ESP32 + LoRa board. We’re focusing on just airborne particulate matter, measured using either an SDS011 (also used by the project) or the Sensirion SPS30 (can also report particle count):

The node uses LoRaWAN with OTAA, as an inintended side effect of this, the transition to TTN v3 was easy. As payload encoding, Cayenne LPP is used, so it easily integrates with

Data is picked up from TheThingsNetwork using a Java application, which then forwards it to and some other web sites:

The plan is to also create a environmental sound/noise sensor (to measure traffic, air plane noise, etc.).

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Thanks, i like your project so i ordered the TTGO-LORA32 and Sensirion SPS30 and the BME280. Nice docu here LoraWanDustSensor - RevSpace By september i will get it from China and give it a try.