Best LoraWan C++ Library for HELTEC

(Thomassieczkowski) #1

Hi there. I bought a Heltec board with ESP32 and Wifi. I’m having trouble on finding a simple to use C++ library. I was able to compile and use LMIC - But I’m looking for something simpler for PoC projects. Does anyone have a suggestion? My intention is to use, of course, with TTN.

(Arjan) #2

I think (but am not sure) that LMiC is the only way to go for that hardware, but you might find wrappers such as

(Verkehrsrot) #3

Maybe this is what you need:

(Thomassieczkowski) #5

Thank you @Verkehrsrot and @arjanvanb - I’m gonna take a look in both libraries/wrappers and let you know. I had lots of issues with Arduino libs and examples for LoraWan/TTN and ESP32.

(Eric VdB) #6

There is also

(Bialy) #7

If you are looking for reference implementation here are source from semtech -