Best setup for v3 on a pi

I’ve been running the TTN packet forwarder on Pi plus concentrator based gateways (yes I know support for it was dropped).

What’s the current best option for connecting a Pi to V3 with easiest setup and lowest maintenance (a local gui may also be nice)

Change the address in global or local json.conf and erm, carry on.

What do you need that may need a GUI - the Pi should just crack on and you can use the command line to view the forwarder log. Adding a full (or just bits of X) GUI will put a load on that’s unwarrented for its use as a gateway.

The easiest way would probably be to use Balena with the BasicStation setup. There are tutorials on-line.

The legacy TTN packet forwarder (written in Go) is not supported in V3. So a replacement packet forwarder will be required. BasicStation is the TTN prefered option. Other options are the Semtech UDP packet forwarder or MP Forwarder.

Hi Jac @kersing will shortly be moving the 1st ~5-10 Pi (various flavours to test) GW’s from estate over to V3 - all currently running your MP… simple change of target address will do the trick or do I need to go deeper? Tried simple switch to of one to Nick’s @descartes V3 instance a few weeks back to test but didnt go well (discovered RAK Conc card on the system had ‘gone deaf’!) so parked project until more time and focussed on other GW’s instead.

Ah, my bad, didn’t spot that.

I used this recently, worked a treat:

Are you running Balena? In that case you will need updated scripts which are not there yet (afaik) because the current script pulls the gateway config from V2.

For plain Linux gateways updating the server address for ‘semtech’ transport is sufficient. For ‘ttn’ transport you need to update ‘serv_gw_id’ and ‘serv_gw_key’ as well.

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No dont use Balena - so many disparate GW types a harmonised solution somewhat lost on me - though perhaps I should try for some of the more common types.

Will make sure I look at the id’s/keys as well… expect panicked calls next week :cold_sweat:

I have same problem build a pi gateways as per the tutorial, now not working, can someone guide me though the update to getting it to work on v3 please

If you read this topic you’ll see I posted a link to the software I used just three entries above yours.

Two entries above that is another suggestion for a solution.

Thanks for the recommendation @kersing (it’s already V3 by default)

Feel free to test the basicstation on balena. Find here the repo GitHub - balenalabs/basicstation: LoRa Basics™ Station - The LoRaWAN Gateway Software @tkerby