Biiig firmware update (5.x) available for Conduit

MultiTech just announced a huge update is on the way for Conduit firmware, from 1.7.x to 5.x. Due out July 2nd.

My brief take:

  • Major: Consolidates the Conduit firmware with their rCell router.
  • Major: Updates from Linux kernel 3.12 to 4.9. Am surprised at this one - new Linux support for old ARM is notoriously prickly.
  • Updated support for LoRaWAN 1.0.3rA. Supports LBT now?
  • Customisable Web UI.

We’ve put so much work into understanding the idiosyncrasies of the Conduit as a TTN gateway. Who wants to do the work to evaluate this change? I would love to hear how you go!

PCN 062619-AEP-01_mPower (AEP and mLinux).pdf (903.8 KB)