Bonjour / Hi

Bonjour / Hi Montreal community. Are you still alive?

Still alive and well!
A new gateway is available on Nun’s Island.

Running a fully equiped POE powered Raspberry Pi with a RAK2245 hat located in my attic.
For a better coverage, the gateway is equiped with an external Taoglas antenna.

Get your trackers going, so we can see how far you reach this gateway.
Let’s build a strong community in Montréal!

Jean-Marc, also a ham enthiusiast VE2JMD

youhou I am not alone :slight_smile:
I am looking for an external antenna, where did you buy it?

This antenna was lying around where I was working.

But you can get these from Digikey.

You are lucky!
I will try to improve coverage on Plateau Mont Royal…

Still alive here in Montreal, although the official TTN Community seems dormant.
We operate a few gateways around the city, one is outdoor in Pointe Claire. We run a V3 stack in AWS, so it could be fun to enable PacketBroker to federate between our private network and TTN.
Let me know if you are interested to collaborate.

I installed The Things Indoor Gateway(TTIG) since December 20 (Le Plateau) and I connected one Arduino node with Temp and Hum sensors use Python to capture every 15 minutes data from TTN to our Platform (based on Elastic & Kibana for dashboard)


For my part I have my gateway on Christophe Colomb / Mont Royal. I have an indoor antenna but I will receive my outdoor antenna next week. I hope I will cover a couple of km with the antenna on the roof…
I also have a GPS tracker linked to TTN mapper. It’s on my pocket everything I go out of my home. But what I can see is the coverage on Montreal is really poor!

I am closed to you. I used your gateway to try my GPS tracker, before I received my Gateway

Yes coverage is poor in Montreal only one outdoor TTN gateway. Do you know the maximum distance you can connect connect to my gateway ?
I ve got an Arduino board with a GPS dragino card well it could be a good idea to track my walk too.

I installed an outdoor antenna yesterday on my balcony. I will wait for spring to install it on the roof…
Sometime I walk on Laurier with my tracker, look at TTNmapper maybe your gateway will catch my tracker.

But you can also buy the same as me. If everbody has a gps tracker in the pocket it will help to have a better coverage of Montreal