Bosch parking lot sensor LoRa Decoder payload

I recently installed the bosch parking sensor, it works great and the data is received on the console.

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congrats. ! :partying_face:


Is the sensor stable on your end?I have it in operation, but sometimes it doesn’t come out of the "occupied " status any more.

Then I have to restart him …

Thanks - Matthias

How can i Restart the Bosch parking sensor?

Thanks Garbo

If you apply magnet(not too small) to the top center of the device(1-2 seconds is enogh) it will reboot and rejoin

hi @MoBasheer

do you have time to help me with this kind of sensor?
would be great!

i added all the eui’s and sometimes it joins and send/receive and sometimes it stucks.

which payload format did you use?

kind regards