Box opening - no video

You’ll have to imagine the video.

Nice plastic case, no water proof membrane on the developer edition so not leaving the device outside but could put it next to it’s older brother in the green house, all as per the pictures on the website, plus a bonus tiny jumper for all your Boot0 requirements - or if you lose it or leave it on the desk in the office, just use a paperclip or similar.

I’ve taken mine out it’s case and soldered up a 18550 battery holder, switch & JST connector for power. Tomorrow I’ll create a programmer/serial header for the left hand side connections.

Using VSCode on my MacBook along with a genuine ST-Link v2, Old Speckled Hen & one of the cats, got the basic app running, modified it a bit to change the Blinkenlights and then got it running on v3.

The TTI Boyz are command line jockeys and the modifications to the CMakeLists.txt to build from within VSCode haven’t made it to the docs &/or the two config files so I’ll post those in the morning.

The Basic_Lorawan is set to a RoadRunner interval of 10s - Meep Meep so that needs dialing back a bit. There are some other settings that are of interest - like the downlink port numbers & what they do in the firmware and some confusion about sending confirmed uplinks.

It plays happy tunes and did I mention the multi-colour lights?

Just need to find a more unusual sensor to attach - I’ve got some SparkFun boards that could go on the Qwiic connector plus an adapter cable to Seeed so I could look at my Seeed boards. Or make one. Any suggestions for a sensor to try very welcome.


Picture of GNSE plus development cabling here:

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How do we register and get the device communicating as is? I don’t see any documentation on this. has all the answers

Thank you but I don’t see anything. Only links to 45 minute videos.

I can’t see links to 45 minute videos - I can see a 3:34 minute video and links to the docs.

Can you please share?
Long videos.

I am sorry, I have been looking for how to register the node using the links and the QR code and can not find the information.

I followed the Sensor Edition Software Setup to get the device running.

It is early days for the documentation as the firmware is developed, I’ve not seen a “Out the box” setup guide, only the programming guide - which gives much of the information for setup with keys etc.

Thank you @descartes, I will give that a try.

Just try the included examples.
LoRaWAN keys (for relevant examples) are placed in conf/app_conf.h (currently only for OTAA).

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I also got it up and running with the ST-link V2 and the LoRawan example, I see the messages in the console, anyone has a decoder / payload formatter at hand for the example? otherwise I will have to go thru the code :slight_smile:

If you mean the Basic_LoRaWAN (basic_lorawan) code, you should see some real magic in the device console that is instantly decodable without JavaScript because as far as I know, it just sends AA BB CC:

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I actually get this payload 4077580B26800C010290A70921631BF0

I think i should use the freefall, but seems it only has temperature and battery level, no example with all sensors?

Which app did you compile for?

Because …

It occurs to me that you are probably seeing the out-the-box demo payload. The free-fall source only sends a count of free-falls, just one unsigned byte. The in the Software folder only talks about dummy payloads.

I don’t think the source for the startup app has been released …

@elsalahy & @cndrxn, could you put the demo app on GitHub please

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Thx Nick, @elsalahy your video is awesome! I am still struggling with getting all sensor data and sending it, so would really appreciate some demo on that.

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Can you answer my questions, it’s the only thing that motivates me to answer further questions …

Hi Nick, i typed it and delete it yesterday to avoid being the nagging noob :slight_smile:
so the payload 4077580B26800C010290A70921631BF0 (and 60% changes) is from the basic_lorawan, i am not able to understand where it comes from yet. I did flash/upload using the cube/stlinkv2 and I flashed the basic with LED and it worked. (I can confirm that it was flashed)
I wanted to use the freefall because it gives an example of reading sensor and sending it… and i think i understand it.

Neither am I, I’d best go and find a debugger and step my way through the code.

If asked a question a reply is sort of polite and expected, it’s more the reverse, if you’re being hassled with questions, just say so.

This is new product so we all have things to learn about it!

That is the raw packet as forwarded by the gateway. You need to look at “Uplink Data Message” for the data in the packet. (And that is 0xAA 0xBB 0xCC in my tests)