Browan Industrial GPS Tracker on TTN Uplink Decoder

First forum topic, bit nervous (!) sorry in advance for any foobars.

I recently purchased a Browan Industrial GPS tracker:
Browan Industrial LoRaWAN GPS Tracker EU868 (
and added it to my TTN console.

I have the device registered now and transmitting data through TTN :+1: but the process wasn’t as plain sailing as it maybe could have been.

This device is not in the Device database.

So my first question is: can I submit details of this device so that it can be added… or does this job fall solely to the OEM?

When it came to adding the uplink decoder (as a Custom Javascript Formatter) the OEM supplied github code ( browanofficial/Sensor-Decoder: Sensor decoder sample code ( did not appear to be directly TTN compatible, although I can see that it will probably work on a private server in an application where the packets were being forward to a server that was under your control.

I have created a version of this that is compatible with the TTN console, so my second question is, is there a way to publish this back to the community such that others can take advantage of it?

I will send it to Browan in case they want to make it available, and if there is not an ‘official’ way of contributing these back to the community, then I can always setup a github repo and make is publicly available through there, but before I do that, if there is a ‘TTN approved’ way of doing this, then I’ll follow that.

Thanks for reading!

You can, its got a few elements to it so best to review a couple of devices setup so you know what you are getting in to. If anyone, including Browan, have better ideas, they can submit a change.

It does appear to be a hot mess of amalgam of various decoders mashed together with some overly complicated calculations & processing.

Not really, TTN is just a TTS instance so the same hot mess would apply to someone implementing the code soup where ever. If you want to expand on this people can review your thoughts on this.

Approval comes in various forms - many people just making good use of it that silently approve through to some that don’t read the instructions, struggle to implement & disapprove at varying levels of Ass-Hattery.

im trying to register the same device to the TTN network and didn’t find any hint for the correct AppEUI of the device (Model: TNIT100; Manufactured by: Semtech Neuchâtel, “Made in Taiwan”).
The DeviceEUI is printed on the package.

@jdormand: can you give me any hints?

Hi MFilsal,

So in my case, I just had to contact the OEM of the device, (Browan) and ask for the AppEUI and AppKey for TTN.

I supplied the DevEUI of my unit and they responded with the required information for me to register it correctly with the TTN

For the decoder, Browan supplied some json example code via a github repo that was publishe don their OEM site, so always worth asking the question from the OEM to see if they have reference code / examples already.

I then used the reference code to craft a TTN decoder with the guidance and help of articles and forum posts from TTN websites. It’s relatively simple, there is a basic ‘template’ which is easy to adjust to your particular device

But in the first instance, I suggest talking to the OEM or supplier of your device

Good luck!