Browan Sensor not connecting to TTN

I have following sensor node

  1. Browan Door & Window Sensor - 915 MhZ
  2. Browan Healthy Home Sensor - 915 MhZ
  3. Browan PIR Motion Sensor - 915 MhZ

I have Dragino LG02 gateway setup and connected to TTN, have powered on these Sensors, but not showing up on TTN console.

What I am missing here ?

Any help on this is appreciated.

Search Forum and you will find!

Spoiler: LG02 is a dual channel packet forwrder NOT a LoRaWAN GW (even Dragino site now says for LoRa/proprietary use only not LoRaWAN use. Please disconnect from TTN. (Search for LG01, LG02, SCPF, DCPF, etc. and you will find lots of reasons/statements as to why not supported or allowed on the network).

I got RAK7246G and connected to TTN. I see status messages from RAK7246G on TTN console. But still don’t see any messages Browan sensors.

Appreciate if you can guid me to right direction.