BUG Enrolling devices for India

I’m enrolling devices for India with a setup at our compagny.

I’m using a Lorank8 programmed with the frequency settings for India, en registered to the ttn-router-asia-se.
Also using an application registerd to ttn-router-asia-se. The devices are programmed with setting for the India band.

In the traffic console of the gateway, I see the join request and other messages from the device. But the most of the join accept en downlink messages are send on 869.525, the RX2 frequency of the Europa plan.

Is this something I do wrong or is TTN wonky

Did you set the gateways frequency plan to the right one in the TTN console? It is listed just above the router on the gateway overview page.

Yes, the frequency plan is set to India 865-867 MHz

Since I guess you’re not actually in India: did you ever have the same thing setup for EU868? We’ve seen these problems before:

The gateway has always been registered to the Indian frequency plan. The application also. I only recently changed the router and handler to the asia se, hoping that would solve the problem.

Reading this post

I changed the the routing address of the packet forwarder to: router.as.thethings.network

Described in this page:


It should only work for asia 923 MHz, but it also seems to work for the india band. I now get a reply on 866.550 MHz. And that is correct