BUG: RAK7258: Firmwares 64 and 65 (r208 and r029) are broken for Things Network!

I flashed firmware versions 63, 64 and 65 several times and only version 63 reinstalled the forwarding to the Things routers, reproductibly!

This had been my original post:

I successfully updated my RAK7258, eui-60c5a8fffe760fb6 yesterday, to Firmware 1.2.0065_Release r209

I can log in to the RAK and I do see LoRa traffic (I have a sender that sends every 5 minutes)


  1. The console says it’s “gone” since yesterday - (BTW I have many more GWs with console issus right now but I will make a ticket for each of them)

  2. Data packets do not arrive.

As I am having a TTIG at the same site, I know that data packets do arrive, just no through the RAK.

Any ideas?
Andreasrak7258 not forwarding to console

No please dont! See my response to your other post re multiple GW issues just now (Please use Forum Search before posting as this is a well known and regular issue) - fact TTIG is passing traffic tells you all good - its a console problem with others though the specifics with f/w update on this one GW suggests you may have messed up somewhere or image used to refresh is bad? Did you change any of the GW registration information, or has the f/w updated/changed/overwritten info you previously had set and now doesnt match?

Can you post more of the device logs - do you see concentrator starting OK (I assume so given what it calls out above - just not seeing packets, - is Ant connection disturbed (have seen that happen before now) or what system uodated over network only with no physical contact/changes (then ant unlikely to be a cause), can you restart and see how it performs from there

The log excerpt you posted however covers a period of time when there was no radio traffic.

It would help if you could find a log that shows both a radio packet, and the following stats message.

Also make sure the gateway is configured for the correct bandplan and pointed at TTN and not something else such as the internal server option.

Dear Jeff,

here I am again. Thanks again for your reply.

I have tested now three firmware versions for the RAK7258 back and forth and only Version 63 (r205) seems to work, 64 (r208) and 65 (r209) don’t!

I did not change any settings… Console still shows no action but data packets are transferred.

I will try to change my post title to better reflect the findings later…

As far as the other probles are concerned I will wait until the console works again.

Thank you so far!

Have a nice day -

If the data packets are getting through there is no problem though it would be helpful if you could be specific about where you are seeing packets, and what (other than the status already explained to be meaningless) you are not seeing.

Anything difference other than in the flow of actual data packets is as likely random coincidence as a difference between firmware versions.

I see data packets of a node and application of mine, on the RAK7258 AND in the application part of the Console and the console then forwards it correctly to my https server

Yep, lesson learned is: Firmware 64, 65 must be broken. I flashed different versions several times and it had been reproductible.


Then there is no issue.

If you used Pi images from RAK it may well be it didn’t end up with a DNS entry. Not checked of late to see if they’ve resolved that yet.

The RAK7258 is a MIPS OpenWRT box, not part of the pi-based series

It’s basically a wifi router with a LoRa card (and optionally LTE module) - comparable to Dragino’s actual gateways.

True, except what I wrote: Two firmware versions are broken.

Perhaps you should tell RAK?

Sure, I will… so far the info could help other RAK7258 users.


one of my two RAK7258 gateways is offline since 2021-02-23T07:22:10.211027694Z. Today I updated the firmware from v205 to v209 with no success, it is still shown as offline.

The other gateway was online with v205 and is still online with v209 since the weekend.

Both are configured with Packet Forwarder and on both I see UDP 1700 connections to established. I hope there is only a problem with the console that will be solved soon. In the meantime I will try to check if I can see any node traffic.
Thank you, Tore

My console shows since several days only 2 of my 8 gateways that should be working, and both are the old flat version of the Things Gateway.

It seems to be a longer outage at the NOC (Network Operation Center) of TTN. However, datapackets might be forwarded, you could check for that if you have an application.

Good luck!

Again, it is NOT an outage. You are still insisting on looking for something despite being repeatedly told that it is NOT a supported feature. You need to stop expecting results from something you’ve been repeatedly told is not meaningful.

However, datapackets might be forwarded, you could check for that if you have an application.

Indeed, and that is the only thing that has ANY meaning.

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Ok, before I get sued:

You are right.

I apologize.

I will never again expect that the follwing indication inside the TTN console has any meaning: “Status: not connected” could very well mean that the gatewyys ARE connected and working fine.

I seriously hope you will have less stressful times in the near future and wish you the best.

Exactly. It may seem counter-intuitive but that is the reality of the situation that’s been explained every time this comes up.

I’m sure all the idiots like me are to blame. I’ll leave now.

the gateway is online again.

BTW, from the Release_Notes.txt:

Update note:
LoRa network is divided into three working modes: Packet forwarder / Basic station / Network Server.

I had to configure Packet forwarder on two of my three RAK7258 gateways after the firmware update from r205 to r209 (alll three now with r209, two online, one is offline because it isn’t installed yet).
Thank you, Tore