Bugging TTN GW

hi there
got a backers edition TTN GW, all correctly registered and online.

it seems that after short time, nodes correctly sending are not received anymore.
After hard reset, the GW reports again…
Any advice ?


Please search the forum and check the existing threads regarding the TTN gateway. There is plenty to be found… (first suggestion is to make sure you update the firmware, check the TTP GitHub site for instructions on manual updating it using an SDcard)

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thank you very much !
indeed; after puting new firmware to the gw, it works perfect

hi there
after havin flashed the GW, it seemed to work properly, but since one month, the mysery started again.
The GW led’s are up, and the 5 is flashing quickly when packets arrive, but nothin on the console. It is as the GW is numb…
many thanks for any qualifyed tips !