Build Lora Gateway with Raspberry 4 Model B

I want to build a gateway for the 868 freq, I have Raspberry 4 Model B board. So can I use that board for gateway?

You can use (almost) every raspberry pi for a gateway. That is the least critical part. You need a concentrator board as well, the best choice for that is more difficult.

(I wouldn’t use the model A as it lacks Ethernet, but model B is fine)

can i use Dragino LORA/GPS HAT?

There is a one word answer the forum does not allow me to post on its own:


Not for a gateway.

To build a proper gateway you need something with an SX1301, SX1308 or (theoretically but few have tried it yet) SX1302 chip.

These tend to cost a bit more than radios intended for nodes, but a node radio cannot really do the job of a gateway.

Ok, so can you suggest me any other chipset than IMST IC880A - LORAWAN CONCENTRATOR.

You seem to be confusing things: everyone uses the same baseband and radio chips.

There are multiple vendors who offer boards with them.

Jac was saying NO to the Dragino LoRa/GPS hat as that’s not a gateway hat.

You could use an IC880A or any other vendor’s ready to use offering, like the RAK2287 board and HAT.

ok, thank you

I’m using this one: RAK2245 Pi HAT on a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB with a Pi PoE HAT to power the outdoor gateway.

I tweaked the fan of the PoE HAT for long term reliability. And I mounted heatsinks on Pi CPU and GPU. Along with a GPIO extesion header and a PoE extension header to fit everything together.

I used this enclosure and this 5.8dBi antenna. Connected with 5m H200 coax.

Here you can see some pictures from the setup. And this is my gateway.


Hi, maybe you like my design with the RPi and Dragino PG1301

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Yes, you can. I also works in a gateway with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ compatible due to the PoE characteristic. Look at the power consumption if this will be relevant in your project.