Can I connect to the TTN if there is no gateway near me

Hello everyone. I am a student in the northeast of America. I am studying about the LoRa recently. I want to connect my LoRa node to the TTN but there is no LoRa gateway near me. So how can I use the TTN service in this situation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Install your own Gateway ?


Thanks for replying to me. I have got a Dragino gateway on EBAY. Can Dragino gateway set up the Lora network for me? Thanks.

Which model gateway? Search the forum, there is plenty information regarding Dragino LoRa gateways and the TTN LoRaWAN network…

Thanks, kersing, very appreciate for your help. I will look for the examples. Do you have any kind of LORA gateway recommended? Thank you.

I recommend a LoRaWAN gateway, not a Lora gateway if you want to use it with TTN. Check this forum, there is plenty of information on gateways in all kinds of price ranges. Some diy, some finished product. Some indoor, some outdoor. Providing a recommendation without knowing the requirements is hard/impossible.

consider one of these to get started: $69


The Dragino gateways are single channel devices. They sort of work, but are not compliant with the LoraWan specification and will lead to much frustration when using edge nodes that expect to be able to access a gateway with 8 or more channels. Suggest you look at an inexpensive compliant gateway like the Things Network Indoor Gateway.

Not all Dragino gateways are single channel, the LG308 is a full gateway.

Didn’t know that - thx

Dragino LG308 is a great 8 channel starter gateway and Dragino team provide great email support if you need it.

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