Can I do this on LoraWan?

I have a display device that uses a Wemos D1 Mini. I could easily add a LoRa transceiver to it, but now I am wondering if I can send data to the display device over TTN?
Currently, using MQTT over WiFi, the device gets 4 bytes every ten seconds if the data has changed. It is often minutes between changed data.
What I would like to do is send the data to a Gateway then on to the display device.
From what I have read it appears that the display device will have to request data periodically. Other than that I don’t know of TTN is the solution for my project.

Advice would be appreciated.

Fair Use Policy is 10 downlinks (network to device) a day due to the reality that a gateway is deaf to uplinks whilst transmitting.

So that’s a no to using TTN.