Can I integrate TTN with 2 dashboards, using 2 webhooks

We have a proof-of-concept running (LoRaWAN nodes - TTN community) and would like to connect 2 dashboards* to it, both via a webhook. It seems possible to create 2 webhooks, but I found no other info about it, so maybe there are a few things to know beforehand.

  • : dashboard 1 is a DIY PHP/MySQL application
    dashboard 2 is DataCake

What have you tried? Unless your PC is in a safety critical environment with a large vat of acid over your head, what could the downsides by of adding a web hook - particularly as the UI on the console to show the web hook you’ve created is a list!

Yes, you can have multiple webhooks in single application.

Thank you, I will try it right away. I understand dispatching data to several destinations in parallel can’t do much harm, but the downlink direction is another matter. I was worried that adding more than one webhook could result in ‘hard to debug’ errors and so I decided to ask in the forum first.

The vast majority of web hooks are sending data out to your scripts - to a main database, perhaps a backup store and maybe also a dashboard service for the convenience of management who can fiddle with the charts all day.

Downlinks come with a whole pile of complications both in terms of the gateway going deaf during transmission and the Fair Use Policy. So out of a collection of web hooks, ideally only one can create a downlink if required.

The most preferable topology is to have one web hook that then promulgates the data to other services and use Data Storage as a backup so if your web hook endpoint goes down, you can backfill the data from DS.

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