Can I still login to v2 console?

Hi i have a question, is it possible to retrieve my data and settings from V2 or that isn’t possible anymore?

Apart from being massively off-topic, have you actually tried???

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Sorry for that, I dont have rights to post one myself,
Can’t find my last local setup in my Console or a V2 option to do that
I’m using a Indoor LoRaWAN gateway connected to a Heltec board, also from the EU

The V2 console is at:
The V3 console is at:

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Thanks alot didnt know it was based via a link :sweat_smile:

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The link above brings me to the login / console overview page (EU/NAM/AU/V2 Legacy).

However, the Legacy V2 Link does not bring me to the Legacy V2 console ( ).

It says: Page not reachable. How can I log in to TTN V2 legacy console? Is it just down temporarily? I tried different browsers. There are no status updates on the TTN status page.

Yes, we can:

But they are working on it.

Thanks for reinforcing the usage of the link above. It seems to be a local caching problem in my Browser that I could not reach the console earlier.

I can’t get to the v2 console. I had this a couple of days ago, but it sorted itself out before. It now seems impossible for me to get there. Browsing to redirects me to
Switched to a different browser and still can’t get to the v2 console.

EDIT: Carefully examine the list of clusters on the left. The 4th cluster isn’t a cluster at all - it’s now a link to the old console :slight_smile:

imho they are implementing the V2-console in the moment into the TTS CE-console. We should wait a little bit.

No, just some major foo-bar on redirects, they will NOT be replicating v2 information in v3. The login system was updated this morning but didn’t affect active sessions.

If you end up at then you can click the link on the right to go to the v2 console.

Otherwise, to just completely mess up the entire user base’s bookmarks, it’s now become:

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