Can I use a zTrack GPS Tracker that is ABP activated only?

I have a zTrack mini (by Zane Systems, Hungary) that uses ABP and NOT OTAA.

I got all the codes: Device EUI, fixed DevAddr, NwkSKey and AppsKey.

Can I use this tracker in TTN Network?

Did anybody succeed in activation of this device?

Thank you.


Well, they say it is a LoRaWAN device so that is good. if the frequency fits the area you are in all should be OK.

At the moment, you cannot use zTrack in combination with TTN, because TTN generates an own DevAddr you have to use. At the moment you cannot change this DevAddr in zTrack. So you cannot use TTN allhere. Zoltan, CEO of Zane, told me today, he will change this in new firmware version, so DevAddr can be changed.
We must wait… will continue my documentation, if things evolve

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At the moment it is possible to change devaaddr - but it yust not works for me. Is there anybody who is running this Ztrack on network?

I just got a zTrack and would like to make it work in TTN. Of course I am interested hearing about any progress and will share my findings.

For now, I’ll check along the google docs linked above by @bluesensing1.

Correct; just for future reference: Can I register an ABP device that has fixed DevAddr, NwkSKey and AppSKey?

I got the device working today. You have to ask the guys from Zane for the configuration tool. With that, is is pretty easy.

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Can you write a guide on how to get the device working?
I have a zTrack mini that I would like to get working

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