Can I write the received datas from nodes on a file(csv, txt...) while I send datas on TTN?

Hi !

I found recently in the packages from : that there’s a .bin file “util_pkt_logger” that can write the received datas on a .csv file. So I changed my conf.json files to make it work, it works very well but I’ve seen that the datas are not send to ttn when I start to run the “util_pkt_logger” file. My question is: is it possible to do both things simultaneously ? Or I have to choose between sending datas to the cloud or collect it in the rpi? Or can I edit this “util_pkt_logger” file to make fit my needs but I really don’t have experiences with .bin fil or .sh files so… If you have some ideas, I would be very greatful :slight_smile:!

Thanks in advance!

.bin files are the machine code that comes from compiling.

You could take the code for the packet forwarder that works with TTN and add in the output to CSV.

But if you look in your logs directory, you’ll probably find quite a lot of the info you would get from that.

As the gateway doesn’t know about decryption, you won’t get your payload out without some additional processing.


Hi descartes, thank you for the reply! I see that you’re helping a lot of peoples here, so thanks again :slight_smile:!
I’ll look in my logs directory as you said and see what I can do.

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