Can more than one ic880a gateway run behind a typical home firewall?

The reason I’m asking is because they use udp somewhere I thought. I’m setting up some other gateways and would like to test them at home before taking them to the site location.


Hi kiwiclan,

I don’t see why this would be a problem myself, should be fine as it just traverses the NAT like any other traffic.

Let us know how you get on with your testing. :slight_smile:

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That’s my instinct as well. Well I’ll find out tomorrow I guess. I think it’s only if the udp has a fixed source address for all devices on the way out. I would not expect that from the gateway.

Thanks for your input.

Gateways not only forward packets, but also need instructions from the backend:


So I’m indeed curious what you’re experiencing tomorrow.

I know from experience that it works without any issue. I’ve had 3 running behind the same natting firewall without any issues.


Excellent! That’s what I was wanting to hear. Then I’ll run it together with my other one before I install it in the final home.

Thanks for all the feedback.


Yeah, seems to work no problem at all for me as well. At least they both show up as connected without problem in the console.

Actually… There may still be some problems with this. Not that this is a useful configuration anyway. But I see the following on the

This morning I disconnected the new gateway from the network. The above gateway worked this morning at a time later than the time mentioned in At the time mentioned in the screen shot both gateways were connected to the network. But why would ttnmapper say that my first gateway was last hear at 04:39 ? And where does it get this information from ?

PS. The new gateway is disconnected and will go to it’s new home in Maaseik later today. But from the message in it does appear that some problems occur from having two gateways behind the same natted address even if the problem is not that it doesn’t forward packets.