Can not change my account email address


I can not change the email address in my current TTN account using URL because the new email address I want to use is from an old deleted TTN account.

Can you help me ?


None of the Forum volunteers or moderators have access to the core TTN databases or functionality. Your best option for a prompt response is a post the the TTN Slack on the #support channel - TTI core team members are more likely to see there than on occasional Forum drive by’s…

Is there a problem with the TTN page? I have no access

Please clarify.

They have changed their log in page. You have to hit this button now.

yes they changed the login page, Ι hit this button and then I have to log in again and then the same thing again.I don’t have access so.

Press the button I highlight in yellow

I press the “login to the things network” button, I log in and then I press “start building” and I return to the initial page (it can be seen in the screenshot above)

Go to and scroll down

Or did you delete your account???

no, I have not deleted my account.

when I press start building I return to the initial page

Top right on your user name, then console, then cluster, then what ever you want to do.

You leave out to many details and then we must guess what you wan to do.

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That’s not really a Login button - you are clearly logged in because it says your name in the top right!

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@panam - please do not hijack threads and do not open duplicates.

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