Can not connect device with network

Dear TTN Community
I am trying to do my first steps with TTN. I want to start with a Elsys CO2 Sensor which I want to connect to the network. Unfortunatly I can not realize a connection.

I have checked coverage in Hamburg and my place.
I followed the instruction for OTTA activation
I checked DEVEUI APPEUI and Key several times.

But the sensor still remains in the status “not seen”.
and I can not manage any connection.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Marc,

I assume you have acted according to the Operating Manual. What is the LED status as described in the manual on page 11?
In addition, it is important to know whether you are within range of a Gateway. The map is nicely colored blue, but that is no guarantee that your package will be received. If possible, you could test at a different location or on a higher point?

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Hi Marco
Thanks for your reply!
LED status is blinking orange every 10sec - sending joining request.
I guess you are right, it is the coverage.
I will try to find a new location.

Also: try taking the device outside. If possible with some (almost) line of sight to a gateway. Or when following the lines on the map (or when choosing a different display style) you can see where people were when their test node’s data was received successfully.

Thx! I will need to find a new location.