Can TTIG-865IN be used in Europe?

I recently ordered a TTIG gateway from the italian webpage of RS components ( with the clear decription 868 MHZ. The only special mention is that it has an indonesian plug, which is the same as a european plug. On the dispatch notification which I received later the description however is “The Things Industries INDIA Indoor Gateway”. I found out that TTN works in India on the 865 Mhz band, so now I suspect that the ordered gateway will not be suitable for use in Europe and I’m not sure whether I should return it immediately when I receive it. Can anybody tell me if this version of TTIG can be used in Europe, perhaps with a firmware upgrade?

Dont believe front end is particularly narrow band with essentailly two main builds - 868 and 915, with other variants largely mains plugs as you have found. There may be minor optimisation wrt antenna/balun/matching components but not much on such cheap devices, key will be the need to make sure you set EU868 as chosed Frq plan when setting up in TTN Console…the TTIG will then pull down its config from the CUPS server with the correct settings. I expect no more than 0.5-1.5dBm difference at extremes of the (bottom of) 865 vs (top of) 868 Freq bands, know from personal experience that the difference between 868 & 915 builds far more extreme (different ant and matching) and essentially wont function reliably in incorrect bands…

Basically just try it :wink: If not happy be sure to fully delete from TTN before returning as will be blocked for any subsequent user who ends up getting it!

Thank you for this clear and convincing reply!

Latest update: I have now received the gateway and can confirm that it seems to work quite well.
However, the “indonesian” plug does not fit into “european” sockets, so a bit of creativity is required to connect it to mains (or use the USB cable).

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~90% of mine I run on external USB- removes a source of heat from inside the box (Mains PSU Adapter) - they use the SX1308 BBand chipset which has reduced spec and temp range c/w original SX1301 and is a cheaper build - as well as a source of local electrical/rf noise and also assists with actual GW placement for best effect (using a 1 or 2m cable) & flexibility, so I dont even think about it… :wink: Just use a decent quality USB power adapter - I find the officiall Raspberry Pi ones work well…

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