Can TTN support RAK7249 Macro Outdoor Gateway with 16 channels?


We setup the RAK7249 16 Channel variant to forward packets to TTN. This is running on CN470. I have multiple devices activated next to it configured also to 16 channels.

Yet I am not seeing any packets in channels higher than 7 in the log.

Can TTN support 16 channels on CN470?


How did you configure it to use 16 channels? TTN only defines 8 channels for CN470, right? I’d think that answers your main question.

Are you referring to the gateway’s log? Then it seems it’s not even trying to forward the packets to TTN at all? So probably it is not receiving them either?

If you’re referring to TTN Console, and if the gateway is forwarding the packets, then I feel it’s a bit weird that nothing is shown in TTN Console. I’d assume that a gateway would forward any uplink it received to TTN, regardless the channel. And I’d assume that TTN would simply show those in the gateway’s Traffic page in TTN Console, along with the frequency and spreading factor as taken from the metadata that the gateway sends to TTN. And I’d even assume that TTN would route the uplink to the device’s application, and show it in the application’s and device’s Data pages. (Yes, lots of assumptions there!)

However: surely TTN would not support downlinks as it wouldn’t know how to select the proper downlink settings for the unsupported uplink channel then. Downlinks are also needed for ADR, so using unsupported channels might disrupt the network?

So: I guess that trying to set up 16 channels is not of much use, or might even be harmful, so you should stick to 8 channels for TTN.

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Thanks for your answer Arjan, right it does define only 8 channels for cn470, so yea 16 channel GW won’t work and any packets received on channels 9-15 won’t show up in the TTN console.

here is a dump of the packets: