Can unconfirmed device reconnect after adding it to new application

I have an S2120 8in1 LoRa weather station (868MHz) on TTN in unconfirmed mode (1N). It worked perfectly fine until I deleted the device in the old application and tried to add it to a new application. I cannot physically access the device, otherwise it would work for sure.

Can the device reconnect at some point?

A few assumptions here about the firmware, that you used OTAA and using my Google magic I’ve determined it’s a Seeed device so it’s likely to be using their LoRa-E5 which is based on LoRaMAC-node which doesn’t have LinkCheck baked in as standard which means …

… no.

Next time migrate the session. Or pre-plan a road trip.

thank you @descartes, the best thread I found about this is this one here:

and it would have been so easy with first thinking, then doing… :). Anyways, I learnt how to use the CLI, how to import a device as json and not to do this as in the beginning anymore.