Cannot get immediate uplinks from LT-22222-L

Hello all,

I have a small setup with a Dragino end node (LT-22222-L) and a gateway (LSP8). I can get the end node joined and activated on the TTN CE (V3) without problem. I supposed there will be immediate uplinks whenever I trigger a DI input on the end node. But it never happens. What I got is just a periodic uplink about every 10 minutes. Is it really the design behavior or I just missed something.

Can anyone share a suggestion?

Thank you very much.

I would propose a look into the manual rev. 1.5.7 chapter 3.3.6 “Trigger mode”. This looks like what you want.

Hello Wolfgang,

Thanks a lot for your pointer! I definitely will check it out.

After digging into the manual and doing some experiments, it finally works!

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