Cannot migrate from OSS 3.22.1 to 3.22.2 due to bun/gorm store problem

I am running OSS 3.22.1 on Docker without any problems. When I move to 3.22.2 I cannot login any more due to the identityserver trying to access a table “user_accounts” through bunstore (details please see below). Unfortunately, I am still running the DB on CockRoachDB (which worked so far).

Setting the “is.gormstore” to true as per release notes does not help - it seems that the flag is finally not implemented at all (ttn-lw-stack --is.gormstore says “unknown flag”).

  1. Any idea how to solve it?
  2. Any hint how I can move from CockRoachDB to Postgresql with all data intact?

Many thanks,

*** Log extract following ***
stack_1 | WARN OAuth error {“driver_code”: “42P01”, “driver_message”: “relation "user_accounts" does not exist”, “error”: “error:pkg/identityserver/bunstore:driver (driver error)”, “http.method”: “POST”, “http.path”: “/oauth/token”, “namespace”: “web”, “oauth_client_id”: “console”, “peer.address”: “”, “request_id”: “01GMZCZYXF9GHDWPFQQRJR2VTN”}

This was recently hashed out on the Slack channel. I think the conclusion that was reached was to use the CLI tool to export all your data and reinstall.