Cannot open my applications in TTNv3 console

I have one application on TTNv3 console for my tests with ESPEasy.
I wanted to see if I could now (with 3.13.0 deployed) create a new device in my application using the new vendor template.
But sadly when I try to access my application, it states:

An unknown error occurred

If the error persists after refreshing, please contact an administrator

For those with administrative rights, it is this application
Could it be related to the new imposed limitations of max. 4k per decoder? The current node in this application does have a decoder which is larger.

A bit oxymoronic as how does it know it’s an error if it’s unknown - but I see this message a couple of times a day, refreshing the page usually helps.

No one normally on here has administrative rights to see someone else’s application without them being a collaborator. To get the attention of the TTI staff you need to post on Slack. But I suspect given responses in the past regarding accessing user data, this won’t get resolved as they have made it very hard for any one to “just dip in to fix sum-fing”.

I’ve created an ESPEasy device in a random app and it’s all OK …

… apart from the invention of the all new EU 433MHz gateway that TTN doesn’t support!

Well refreshing, closing tab etc. did not fix it.
Maybe others may experience similar issues so for those searching on the “unknown error” may still be useful :slight_smile:

I did try to add a new application (not yet added an end device) but that application so far remains accessible after creating it.

Can you see how innovative it is :slight_smile:
I guess it should be removed in a new PR then. It is an existing profile definition, at least the enum like define exists and the validation script does accept it.

The TTI crew’s regression testing is pretty hot - I’d be amazed if they broke something as simple as just adding an application or a device, which from what I’ve been doing today, adding apps & devices, they don’t appear to have.

Ah, OK, leave it in, I’m sure it’s all good then :wink:

Just a quick work-around.
In Chrome it is impossible to open my application. But after a login on Firefox, it is accessible.