Can't access TTN Console, ttnctl fails, TTN Node-RED library fails, and Kickstarter gateways get stuck after daily reboot

The Australian meshed console is available at the moment. The TTN homepage reports 64 gateways online in New Zealand now, it was 27 about 2 hours ago.

TTN Console is back for me, and so is ttnctl. I’ve not restarted my gateway yet.


It works again for me, too. Excellent!! :slight_smile:

Hi @FlumeLogic, it sounds like your project is serious if something like this is a “showstopper”. Have you done a project risk analysis? Are you sure that it’s right to use a free, no contract, no SLA service in your project? TT people state very clearly “Develop on TTN, Deploy on TTI”. I have followed that advice. I use the TTN community network for development and use a paid, contract, SLA The Things Enterprise Stack Cloud Hosted (TT ES CH) v3 instance for deployment. Works really well. No showstoppers.


Hi there,

my gateway is online again without any furhter action.
Access to the console is also given again.

Thank you out there.

As expected, my Kickstarter gateway indeed needed a manual reboot to trigger connecting again. I guess that awaiting the daily firmware upgrade reboot would have worked too.

What gateway is that, and was it even offline? Most were working just fine:

daily metrics

weekly metrics

Back for me too, about 30 minutes ago. My node was not joining during the outage, but now it has, and it should be sending data in 15 minute intervals. Thanks all.

Where do TTN say to develop on TTN and run live service in TTI? That’s a sensible approach for business critical applications but I don’t think that it’s clearly stated on the TTN website.

Back also on my side, but the node does not receive join ack, and the gateway says:

May 18 09:40:41 gateway0 ttn-gateway[1317]: ##### END #####
May 18 09:40:41 gateway0 ttn-gateway[1317]: INFO: [down] for server PULL_ACK received in 69 ms
May 18 09:40:41 gateway0 ttn-gateway[1317]: INFO: [down] for server PULL_ACK received in 67 ms
May 18 09:40:41 gateway0 ttn-gateway[1317]: INFO: [down] for server serv_addr[ic]PULL_RESP received :)
May 18 09:40:41 gateway0 ttn-gateway[1317]: INFO: [down] a packet will be sent on timestamp value 1075174492

Just in case it helps: OTAA works for me. (Using a Kickstarter The Things Gateway that I rebooted a few minutes ago.)

It is a Kickstarter gateway from TTN
An I do receive data from a node that was offline since last Sunday.

How can I look for these “system metrics” data.
The gateway says to be not connected and I do not see it on the map.


It’s on (scroll down a bit).

Unfortunately, that’s a different issue… See The Things Gateway shows status: "not connected".

Thank you.

Thx. It was actually a problem with the node’s antenna…solved

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Hi @tlu, I have seen it on conference presentations by senior TTI people.

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For those not reading Slack (see How do I get a Slack invite?):

@pe1mew Today at 9:49 AM

Node red TTN uplink nodes are still in FAULT state.

@Paul_Stewart 1 hour ago

I would try deploying again to force a new connection

@pe1mew 1 hour ago

That did do the job. Thanks for noting it.

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Definitely I have to make my applications more and more resilient to this TTN behavior.

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I am well aware of the risk. My project is to help farmers conserve water and fuel while growing a critical commodity food crop. These farmers don’t have cell service or PoE in their fields, and they don’t have lots of money to pay for sensors, gateways, data plans and cloud service fees. They do get up at 3am to drive miles into their fields to see if the pumps are running or not. They don’t understand or trust technology. I’m doing well with my career and am just trying to give back to my community. I enjoy the challenge. This project is complicated enough without having one of the things I thought was pretty solid let me down.

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Hi @LMSystems, all through 3+ years of ups and downs of the free community TTN service I have found that the way to get the highest availability is to keep my use of TTN as simple as possible.
I use basic gateways with UDP packet forwarders. I use the MQTT integration and run my own MQTT subscribers on my own cloud Virtual Machines.
My gateways and data continued without break through the outage of the past weekend.

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