Can't change my public profile information on The Things Network

As I’m leaving my current employer, I urgently need to change my profile information on The Things Network. Although I have tried various browsers and ways of entering my new profile information, I wasn’t able to change any value.

Is this a known bug or can somebody here confirm this unexpected behaviour?

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Could you be more specific where you are having issues? Forum/account server/…?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my initial post. I’m struggeling with changing the information on my public The Things Network profile under

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Perhaps @michalborkowski96 can help?


I confirm there is a problem. Thank you for pointing out a bug.

We’ll work on the issue and fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we refrain from giving any guarantees regarding timeline. At the same time, I understand it’s an urgent matter, so I have manually removed tagline and website address from your profile, so that you’re not associated with Stad Bühl anymore. Once the bug is fixed you’ll be able to enter your new information.