Can't connect RAK_LB801N LoRaButton to my gateway!

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hi everyone,

I have a gateway up and running based on Dragino Lora/GPS HAT v1.4 & Raspberry Pi 2 and I am trying to connect my first lora device : RAK_LB801N LoRaButton.

The setup has been made via serial connexion at+set_config=dev_addr:… using information provided by TTN device overview information

The distance between the two device is about 10cm !
Frequency is EU on both device !

But on the RAK811 signal is : 0,0 !

Someone could help me ?

gateway id = eui-b827ebffff13b4c0

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10cm is too close. At least 2-3 meters.
Then: since you have a single channel gateway, be sure that the node sends in the channel and SF you set in the gateway (remember it is not a complete gateway).
Depending on the version of the gateway software, you may also have issues with OTAA.

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I am using single_chan_pkt_fwd and this settings

// Set spreading factor (SF7 - SF12)
sf_t sf = SF7;

// Set center frequency
uint32_t freq = 868100000; // in Mhz! (868.1)

The RAK Button is configured with abp

Tomorrow I will be inside a covered area may be it willm be better to understand why it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your advice.

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The single channel gateway only responds on one channel, and one SF. The button likely sends on 3 channels (random choice), and on some initial spread factor than may be different from SF7 (although it should be ok). Thus you always loose at least 2 out of 3 packets, and this may make debugging more difficult. I would try to set it at SF12 just to ensure is not matter of SF. (by the way, the Hallard version of the Single Channel Gateway sw allows you to configure through an external JSON file).
You might look among AT commands if you can set channel and datarate, or at least to discover them (at+get_config=adr ?). Do not stay too close to the gateway.

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ok thanks for your advice. I will try …
To be sure I have try using objenious network with MyDevice and it’s work.
Now I have to do the same based on TTN .


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not better with SF12 nor SF9 ! I will ask to RAK support !!


I remember now @Charles had one of the ’ button box node … maybe he has a solution

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pls send email to us,, we will coordinate the support:)