Can't connect RAK7246 gateway to Private TTS Server

Hello, I am trying to connect a RAK7246 gateway to my instance of TTS deployed on a server within my network.
I have the server running inside of docker, and I can access the configuration page and manage it from anywhere inside of my network. I obtained a RAK7246 and followed the getting started guide. It’s connected to my network through wifi. I opened up the console for my private TTS instance and attempted to register the gateway.

I can register the gateway when I do it though TTN, but I cant get it to pick it up on my private server. I have the IP address as the IP address on the raspberry pi inside the RAK7246. I have connectivity from the pi to the machine that the instance of the server is running on. What is my problem here?

Wrong way round, you need the IP address of the TTS server - this is goes in to the global_conf.json that you then put on the RAK7246 - or at least point the RAK at your TTS.

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