Can't login to TTN Console: "user email address not validated" but I made a typo and cannot change it?

(Ezequiel Falcón) #1

I can´t login to TTN Console, i´m getting this error:
User email address not validated

I have a Gateway working and everything were working as expected!
Here is a screenshot:

I’ve tried other browsers and also removing cookies and all page content from my Chrome´s cache. Does anyone had the same problem?

Thanks in advance!


everything seems to work 100%
did you had another account maybe that was deleted ?

(Ezequiel Falcón) #3

Nope, it´s my only account. I´ve been using it for a couple of days and configured a Dragino LPG01 as a single-channel gateway and I was on my way to try a MultiTech end device. Everything was good and suddenly I can´t login… BTW, I can login but when I get to the console, that message shows up. There´s nothing on the Chrome console neither:

The upper tab selector doesn´t show my profile:
The spinner keeps spinning endlessly


something for @arjanvanb ?

(Arjan) #5

So the obvious question is: did you click the link you got in your email after you created the account? Check your spambox, or maybe offers an option to resend it.

(Ezequiel Falcón) #6

Crap… I´m really sorry.
I´ve misspelled my email, so no activation for me :frowning:
I can’t change the email address from my account options… is there a way to delete this account and my registered gateway so I can create one with the correct address?

Thanks in advance!

(Arjan) #7

I’d await a response from the team (or seek help in Slack, but then you’d need to request an automatic invite on, because:

  • You cannot register the same gateway EUI twice, so you’d need to make your gateway use a different EUI.
  • Your account is also linked with the forum.

By the way: I can change my email address when clicking “edit” on, which takes me to

Is the email field disabled for you, or can’t you even get to that URL?

(Ezequiel Falcón) #8

First of all, thanks for your support!

I can’t get to the profile page, I get the Account suspended message first:



Hey @stormforce133,

Please send an email to from the correct email address.
That way I can verify it’s yours and I can manually activate your account.


(Ezequiel Falcón) #10

Sending right away!
Thank you so much!

(Paul Rb) #11

Hi Romeo. I have the same problem as @stormforce133. I sent you an email on 10/12/17. Are you still the best contact for this problem?

(Source Creator) #12

Check your Spam email folder!

I was also struggling to verify my email, but found the activation email under spam in Gmail. The link still wasn’t clickable, so I had to request another email.